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Combating Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Exploitation

Human trafficking, a $150 billion industry, ranks as the second most profitable illegal trade just in the U.S. alone. What's most alarming about these figures is that they only represent reported cases. Human trafficking thrives in the shadows, making it impossible to gauge the true extent of unreported instances. In response to the rapid rise of sexual crime and abuse, HARP Rescue established HALO Group, a dedicated task force that combats human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. Comprised of experts in counter-terrorism, negotiation, open source intelligence, and cross-sector collaboration, HALO Group has been successful in rescuing hundred's of individuals from labor camps, trafficking tunnels, and online exploitation.  

Due to the sensitive nature of our anti-trafficking operations, much of the information cannot be posted or shared to safeguard the identities of those involved and rescued.


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