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High-Risk Extractions and Rescue

HARP Rescue commenced its operations in 2013, officially becoming a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization in 2016. Since then, we have executed dozens of missions worldwide, spanning regions such as South Sudan, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burma, Ukraine, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and Indonesia, among others. Throughout our journey, notable mainstream news outlets including FOX News, CBS, NBC, Newsmax, NPR, and CNN have recognized our efforts.

During this period, we established specialized divisions dedicated to high-risk extractions, rescue, and combating human trafficking and child sexual exploitation, alongside an open-source intelligence (OSINT) division. Our focus has sharpened on high-risk extraction rescue and combating human trafficking and child exploitation. Our operational teams comprise seasoned professionals, encompassing doctors, firefighters, and specialized military operators with expertise in intelligence, operations, logistics, medicine, negotiations, and hostage rescue.

HARP Rescue operates in challenging locations, ranging from war zones and natural disaster areas to regions experiencing civil unrest and conflict.


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