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Countering and Disrupting Human Trafficking

Some Things Are Not For Sale

   HALO Group is a specialized task force within Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project dedicated to countering and disrupting human trafficking. Our highly skilled team targets those who prey on others for forced labor, sex trafficking, drug running (muling), and organ harvesting. We work closely with survivors, citizens, and various law enforcement agencies to achieve our objective.

   HALO Group comprises two core divisions: the Cyber Team and the Ground Teams. Leveraging a diverse array of technologies, such as OSINT, machine learning algorithms, and facial recognition, the Cyber Team excels at diminishing the divide between criminals and technology, thereby facilitating a more profound comprehension of wrongdoers. Once this divide is narrowed, HALO Group's Ground Teams forge close collaborations with local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies, actively engaging in on-site investigations and physically apprehending those culpable for these offenses. 

   "HALO Group operates within two distinct divisions: Cyber and Ground. Our Cyber teams are tasked with generating leads and bridging the technological gap between criminals and their activities. Once we expose the network, our Ground team takes over, collaborating with local, state, and government agencies to decisively dismantle human trafficking operations, putting an end to their crimes." -Burke Bryant

   The United States has witnessed the transformation of trafficking into an immensely lucrative industry, allowing human traffickers to amass a staggering $975 million in annual profits. Recent statistics indicate that in 2023, the prevalence of trafficking continues to escalate at an alarming rate.

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