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Stephen Malmrose

Sr. Director - Operations USA,USMC

Stephen Malmrose, has served in both the Army as an infantryman and sniper, as well as the Marine Corps as a field radio operator and tactical communications subject matter expert.

Stephen also specializes in security support services, worldwide protective security services, executive protection and has worked as a private government contractor for the past five years.

In 2022, he joined HARP and managed ground operations where he and a team of three other intel experts mapped routes, gathered intel, and provided support that was pertinent to the success of the HARP ground team that was responsible for rescuing dozens of citizens from front line, occupied territories in Ukraine, and with zero casualties.

Additionally Stephen also holds advanced skillsets in SAR, CSAR, high risk extractions, tactical combat casualty care, leaders advising, risk management, and logistics.

Stephen Malmrose
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