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Jesse Lee

Sr. Advisor - USN SEAL

Jesse Lee is an accomplished U.S. Navy SEAL, Program Manager, and business leader with nearly 15 years of diversified corporate and field operations experience.

With a Masters in Strategic Leadership from the University of Charleston West Virginia, Jesse has worked for a variety of Government and Nongovernment agencies to include USN Group 2, , US DoS, and numerous humanitarian organizations. Most recently, Jesse served as a senior program manager and subject matter expert for a U.S. Department of State-funded program covering 16 West African Countries, developing and implementing processes and strategies for Regional Early Warning / Response Mechanisms. He oversees the design of advanced solutions for monitoring ground truth events that threaten regional security and economic stability.

During his time at Special Warfare Group Two, Jesse served as his team’s mobility subject matter expert, communications lead, heavy weapons gunner, and as Tactical Ground Mobility Instructor. His forward-thinking and outside-the-box mentality coupled with his extensive mechanical experience brought innovations and acted as a force multiplier for the platoon and entire in-country team.

Jesse is a dedicated professional and father. His team-building and ingenuity bring a whole new set of tools to any team where he will inevitably be nicknamed MacGyver.

Jesse Lee
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