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Dr. Naval Parikh

Sr. Director - Head of Medicine

Dr. Naval Parikh is a physician, clinical research coordinator, and head of medicine at the prestigious Broward Health North and Broward Health Imperial Point.

Dr. Parikh received his medical degree from the esteemed Medical University of South Carolina. He also received his law degree from Tulane University School of Law in New Orleans.

Dr. Parikh has practiced primary care medicine in South Florida for over ten years and draws upon more than two decades of experience as a physician, researcher, lawyer, and entrepreneur.

Dr. Parikh has worked with HARP multiple times in both Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. He assisted people who required immediate medical care after being trapped in their homes and unable to make it to a medical clinic due to the lack of roads, power, and infrastructure. He also helped bring a hospital back online after being devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

Dr. Naval Parikh
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