Burke Bryant

Head of Mission

Burke Bryant is a nationally recognized published author, motivational speaker, and humanitarian whos life saving work has been recognized by CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, Newsmax, NPR and many more. 


   Bryant founded Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project in 2012 and currently serves as its Head of Mission and CEO. Bryant has run operational missions for HARP in; South Sudan, Somalia, Haiti, Indonesia, Chad, Ethiopia, Puerto Rico, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of The Congo, and the front lines of the Ukrainian war to name just a few. 


   In 2022 Bryant went on to found HALO GROUP, a specialized task force within HARP ( Humanitarian Aid & Rescue Project) that counters and disrupts the human trafficking of children. 


    Bryant's teams are responsible for saving countless lives with zero losses and zero casualties. He also served in the US Navy as an Operations Specialist. His skillsets include SAR, CSAR, SRT, EMT, combat medical, logistics, exfiltration and negotiations. When not saving lives, he can usually be found biohacking his body or camping somewhere deep in the backcountry along with his faithful companion Five9.

Burke Bryant