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Brett Velicovich

Sr. Advisor - USA

Brett Velicovich a world-renowned drone expert, U.S. Army veteran, humanitarian, and media personality.

As a frequent guest on major national news outlets, including Fox News and CNN, Brett regularly provides commentary on drone technology trends and national security-related issues.

While serving as an intelligence and targeting specialist within the U.S. Army special operations community, Brett participated in both Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) and Operation Enduring Freedom(OEF) operations, deploying six times to combat zones to support US government counter terrorism efforts. Following his time served in the military, he received an MBA from Duke University and focused his post-military career on utilizing his prior military expertise to enhance humanitarian organizations globally. Since then he has spearheaded numerous humanitarian operations personally by deploying into in the field with non profit organizations in Somalia, Kenya, and Ukraine.


Brett Velicovich
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