Volunteer Opportunities

Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project

   Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project operates in some of the most extreme conditions known to man: War zones, tsunamis, earthquakes, liquefaction zones, mudslides, famine, and areas experiencing ethnic cleansing. Due to the high-stress environments, our volunteers work under an operational "authority and accountability chain" known as a Chain of Command. This model allows each individual to understand their role, the responsibilities of that role while also being accountable for the position they hold, thus allowing fluid and highly efficient streamlined operations with very little room for failure or negligence.

If this seems like a good fit so far please continue reading. 

Because of the nature of our work we are only accepting applications at this time from: Referrals, those who have prior military and/or law enforcement experience, medical backgrounds or 5+ years global field experience with a credidble humanitarian organization. 

* Volunteer must hold a valid passport with at least 6 months available before expiration. 

* Volunteer must hold FEMA certificates; IS-00317, IS-00700.a, IS-00809, IS-00907, IS-00100.b, IS-00102.c  / These certifications can be acquired at no cost by visiting https://training.fema.gov/

* Volunteer must provide a Live Scan report prior to acceptance. 

* Volunteer must provide a CV, cover letter and 3 professional references. 
* Volunteer must be able to carry a 25lb. pack across long distances. 


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