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HARP consists of three distinct operational teams, each strategically configured to collaborate effectively with the others or function autonomously as circumstances dictate.


HARP Rescue specializes in the retrieval of individuals located in regions that are typically inaccessible to others. These regions include war, conflict, anti-trafficking, and natural disasters. HARP Rescue's initial objective involves swift extractions in high-risk situations, prioritizing the rapid rescue and evacuation of individuals from dangerous environments.


Red Team's core mission is to provide austere emergency medical support in challenging conditions, ensuring the swift delivery of life-saving care to those in urgent need. This team often collaborates seamlessly with HARP's rapid extraction ground team or can also operate autonomously as needed.


HALO Group is a specialized task force dedicated to countering and disrupting human trafficking. Our highly skilled team targets those who prey on others for forced labor, sex trafficking, drug running (muling), and organ harvesting. HALO Group has two core divisions: Cyber Team and Ground Teams. Leveraging a diverse array of technologies, such as OSINT, GEOINT, HUMINT, machine learning algorithms, and facial recognition, the Cyber Team excels at diminishing the divide between criminals and technology, thereby facilitating a more profound comprehension of wrongdoers. Once this divide is narrowed, HARP Rescue's Ground Team forge close collaborations with local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement agencies, actively engaging in on-site investigations and physically apprehending those culpable for these offenses. 

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