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HARP's Austere Emergency Medical Support Team

   The foremost duty of RED TEAM is to provide expeditious medical care and attention to individuals in need during various missions and operations.

   Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project's (HARP) Red Team is committed to providing critical medical humanitarian aid to people in need, regardless of race, religion, gender, or political affiliation. As a non-profit organization, we're dedicated to delivering rapid response assistance in times of crisis, including areas affected by conflict and natural or human-made disasters.
  Our teams of highly skilled and experienced doctors, nurses, paramedics, and firefighters are often among the first on the scene, working tirelessly to provide essential medical care to those most in need.
  Whether providing emergency medical care, distributing life-saving supplies, or supporting affected communities, we are committed to providing the highest quality of care possible to every person we serve.
  At HARP, we take great care to ensure that a rigorous and independent assessment of medical needs guides our response efforts.

Photos courtesy of Stefan Wachs

Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project - Ukraine - Front Line


   Our organization is seeking qualified individuals to join Red Team. Prospective members will be required to participate in a low-acuity mission held in an underserved area of the world. Potential locations include Bangladesh, South America, Africa, India, and the Middle East.
  These missions will be clinic-type settings, and team members will be asked to provide medical services and vaccinations to remote and underprivileged populations. The mission will require team members to stay in isolated and challenging environments, pack light and be physically healthy. These missions will be an opportunity to evaluate team members' ability to work under stress and determine their medical skills. Additionally, they will serve as a means to promote our organization's brand and generate support and donations through social media. Team members will be responsible for their airfare unless otherwise notified. Before each mission, team members will receive a list of necessary vaccinations and potential health risks.

  Mid-acuity missions will be unscheduled and will likely involve providing additional support for high-acuity responses. These missions are assigned to team members who have demonstrated proficiency in wound dressings, trauma assessments, IV access, and other emergency medical skills.
  High-acuity missions immediately respond to natural disasters, war zones, and other humanitarian crises. These missions will require team members with extensive trauma skills and the ability to deploy on short notice. These missions are selected according to team member backgrounds and mission needs. Social media will generate support and donations, but with respect for human life. Deployments will be short-term, and a return meeting to debrief will be required.

Bangladesh / Myanmar Operation Currently Being Staffed. Apply below.

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