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The Presidential Volunteer Service Award

   The Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is a national honor offered in recognition of sustained volunteer service. The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes hours served over a 12-month period.

   Award Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Lifetime (determined based upon hours served)

   As a certifying organization of the PVSA, HARP can recognize dedicated volunteer service

   to receive the PVSA.

   Bronze, Silver and Gold Packages include the following:

  • Customized certificate

  • Choice of pin, coin, or medallion

  • Congratulatory letter from the president


Lifetime Achievement Award includes the following:

  • Enlarged, personalized certificate

  • Congratulatory letter from the President

  • Choice of pin, coin or medallion


Volunteer hours earned must be signed and approved by a HARP board member who will then make the submission. Award levels are determined by two criteria: the number of hours served, and the volunteer's age.

Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project

Official Certifying Organization

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