Thanks for your interest in volunteering with the Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project.

HARP requires that each and every volunteer applicant must pass FEMA course ICS-100, and ICS-700 prior to filling out the application below. These courses must be taken and passed for consideration to be possible at this time. The ICS is a standardized approach to the command, control, and coordination of emergency response teams providing a common hierarchy within which responders can be effective when working alone, paired up with other organizations or multiple agencies.

The courses listed above are free of charge and can be studied, taken and passed online through FEMA’s learning portal.

Once you’ve taken and passed the ICS-100, and ICS-700 you will need to attach your completion certificates to the volunteer submission form found on the next page. If you’ve already passed these courses and have your completion certificates available please¬†continue to the next page.

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If you’ve completed and passed your FEMA ICS-100 and ICS-700 please click here.