Operation SkyBox

Status: Active

Location: Afghanistan

   Due to the nature of this operation we are extremely limited on the information we can provide to the public at this time. The names of the refugees must be kept private, and the areas of relocation must be kept private to ensure the safety of those being relocated as well as the safety of those involved with this operation. Thank you in advance for your continued support and understanding. 

Operation SkyBox is lead by a team of highly skilled special operators, pilots, and medical personnel who have dedicated their lives to the exfiltration of women and children currently under persecution by both Taliban and Isis terrorist groups in Afghanistan. 


Operation SkyBox is an exfiltration project focusing on relocating Afghan refugees, US citizens, green card holders, and former embassy workers. This operation provides secure transportation and relocation to refugees experiencing persecution based on their religion, ethnicity, and gender from Afghanistan to a third country that has permitted them to stay based on long-term resident status, ensuring their protection against refoulment (forced return).

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How You Can Help

Private and secure transportation, and relocation is expensive. With your help we can continue this operation until every life seeking asylum has been successfully relocated. Please click the link below and donate today. 100% of every dollar given goes directly to Operation SkyBox. Thank you.

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Each tax-deductible dollar you give allows our team of hard working professionals to provide the vital services needed to save countless lives during the most critical times of war, disaster, famine, and emergency.


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