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Austere Emergency Medical Support



Location: Shariatpur District of Bangladesh

Mission Dates: September 16-30, 2023

Mission Description: Medical Outreach and Education in Bangladesh


Mission Overview: The mission in Bangladesh aims to establish medical clinics, provide healthcare education, and create partnerships for online learning and telemedicine. Objectives include improving healthcare access, empowering communities with medical knowledge, and fostering collaboration between international organizations, local colleges, and hospitals.


Phase 1: Medical Clinics

Establish medical clinics in strategic locations to provide essential healthcare services to underserved communities, equipped with necessary equipment and medications.


Phase 2: Healthcare Education

Develop comprehensive training programs with local and international medical experts to cover various disciplines, encouraging locals to pursue careers in medicine.


Phase 3: Online Learning Partnerships

Collaborate with local colleges to offer remote accredited medical courses through virtual classrooms with global institutions.


Phase 4: Telemedicine and Clinical Hours

Establish telemedicine services for remote consultations and provide practical clinical experience for medical students.


Phase 5: Sustainability

Focus on developing local leadership, supply chains, and partnerships to ensure long-term effectiveness of the medical clinics.

This mission aims to enhance healthcare, empower communities, and create sustainable healthcare services in Bangladesh.

Please help support this important medical mission by donating today.

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