Operation Immediate Response

Puerto Rico is in the throes of chaos and devastation as the remnants of Hurricane Maria continue to dump rain — up to three feet in some areas — on the island.

The strikingly powerful storm rendered an estimated 3.4 million people without power, and with the territory’s energy grid all but destroyed, Governor Ricardo Rosselló predicts a long period of recovery.

Puerto Rico faces numerous obstacles as it begins to emerge from the storm: A limited supply of food, water, shelter and medical attention.

Alpha team’s primary focus will be search & recovery and distribution of medical aid and supplies while Bravo team will provide animal rescues, extractions, and medical aid.

Please consider a donation today. ALL donations go to ground operations in Puerto Rico. With your help we can continue to help those that need it the most.

UPDATE******12-17-17** Water is now being restored in many areas on the island. AT&T is putting up cell balloons which are restoring cell phone connectivity to some degree.

**IMPORTANT** Round Two  10-7-17  Update  

HARP is now working again out of PR. Many organizations there are lacking the infrastructure to manage, maintain & distribute  their supplies to the local people. We’re making sure a proper system is set in place so that distribution is not held up any longer.

Also, once we arrived back in the U.S. from our first round we were again bombarded with requests from people still missing loved ones so we are again doing SAR, and welfare checks for those still in question and in need of immediate help.

*** If you have a loved one, family member or friend still missing please visit this link http://bit.ly/2xGL5Tm and fill out the form accordingly. Thank you. -HARP

10-6-17 – Update from Burke Bryant
Most of the team has now returned from PR.
I do apologize communications are tough.
Here’s an “accurate” update on the situation in PR as we experienced it within the areas we searched as listed below.
HARP hit the major areas that were affected the most.
The people are doing much better.  Casualties were extremely low.
10-15% of electricity has been restored.
Food and water is available to most people and communities at this point. Restaurants are open, fast food, Walgreens, super markets, etc. Most gas stations are now also open with no purchase limits.
The US military, FEMA and DHS have a massive presence there and are doing a good job with distribution centers along with local agencies for those that cannot afford to “shop” at local stores.
Hospitals are NOT full of people within the areas listed below, however, many lack enough diesel to run their operations properly so life support systems are teetering on failure. This is a huge problem.
Our areas of coverage included: Aguadilla, Moca, San Sebastian, Isabella, Utuado (the worst), Aguada, Rincon, Mayaguez and all surrounding areas.
We did not nor hear about nor experience anyone killing or hurting others, however, we’re told it is happening. The reports surrounding these issues within the areas we searched seem to be inaccurate.
Airlines currently flying in and our are: Spirit, JetBlue, United and American with multiple in/out flights a day.

** IMPORTANT – There is absolutely no reason to stop sending aid to PR. They still need aid as there are so many that have in fact lost everything due to the disaster so please continue sending food, diapers, clothing, filtration systems, solar equipment, etc. I want to be very clear on that.

A huge thank you goes out to all those that continue to support our operations.