Operation Giving Back – Jabouin, Haiti.

The Begining 10-4-2016

Hurricane Matthew struck southwestern Haiti near Les Anglais on October 4, 2016, leaving widespread damage in the impoverished nation. Matthew was a late-season Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir–Simpson scale, having formed in the southeastern Caribbean on September 28. The hurricane weakened to Category 4 before making landfall near Les Anglais on October 4, at which time the National Hurricane Center estimated maximum sustained winds of 240 km/h (150 mph). This made it the strongest storm to hit the nation since Hurricane Cleo in 1964, and the third strongest Haitian landfall on record. Hurricane-force winds – 119 km/h (74 mph) or greater – affected about 1.125 million people in the country. The Haitian government assessed the death toll at 546, although other sources reported more than three times that figure.

During Matthew’s passage, high winds, heavy rainfall, and deadly tides lashed the Tiburon Peninsula in southwest Haiti. Nationwide, the hurricane nearly or completely destroyed around 200,000 homes, leaving 1.4 million people in need of humanitarian aid. Monetary damage was estimated at US $1.9 billion. Nearly complete crop damage occurred in Grand’Anse and Sud departments, leaving the impoverished population without a source of food. Communication networks and the road system were also compromised. After the hurricane washed away the Petit-Goâve Bridge, southwestern Haiti was temporarily unreachable from the remainder of the country, which slowed the distribution of emergency aid. The ongoing cholera outbreak worsened after the hurricane, killing at least 29 people.

With insufficient resources to respond to the hurricane damage, the Haitian government requested assistance from other countries. The United Nations launched an emergency appeal for nearly US $120 million in aid, and countries throughout the world provided money, supplies, and logistical support. Before and after the hurricane’s landfall, UN agencies provided food, materials, and a peacekeeping force to residents, which was supplemented by various non-government organizations, HARP was one of them.

How We’ve Helped.

On 10-10-2016 HARP’s Alpha Team went into Haiti. During a briefing, they were told that there was a remote area that needed immediate assistance. They were also told this area would be nearly impossible to reach without air support because the bridge leading to that area had been washed away by the devastating floods still taking place. The area in need was now separated by a 300-yard (900 feet) wide rushing river.  HARP took action.

On 10-12-2016 HARP’s Alpha team was able to cross the turbulent waters that had been separating the community of Jabouin, Haiti from the emergency aid they direly needed.

Once Alpha Team had reached Jabouin, they immediately went into action. After putting out a sitrep to several surrounding NGO’s the air support needed began to arrive.

Within 48 hours Alpha Team had performed over 200 field surgeries on little to no sleep. Within  72 hours Alpha Team had also received over 40 tons of emergency food rations, and water, via the V-22 Osprey, compliments of the US Military and the Department of Defense. The mission was a success.

By the end of mission, HARP had built and facilitated a food distribution network, provided food and water for over 600 families, provided advanced medical support to over 275 people without a single casualty, and rebuilt a primary school where over 65 children were able to begin school again.

What We Need Now

The people of Jabouin, whom we’ve grown to know and love, need our help and support again.

Our goal is to provide them with a few additional services that will help them long-term through additional education, farming and economically.

With your support HARP will do the following starting in Sept of 2018.

1. Build 2 more primary schools while also providing an American English teacher while we are there.
2. Build irrigational systems capable of providing reclaimed water to crops throughout the year.
3. Re-build the main crossing leading to Jabouine that was washed away during Hurricane Matthew.

Please help us help the people of Jabouin, Haiti today. With your help, your donations will provide the assistance and care these people are so urgently needing. Thank you in advance.