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UKRAINE - 120 Days

   HARP's Operation Winter Shadow stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of human bravery and determination. In the midst of conflict and chaos, HARP launched a rescue mission to save innocent lives trapped in enemy-occupied territories in Ukraine. Their mission lasted for 120 straight grueling days, as they went to unimaginable lengths to extract over 168 men, women, and children from regions most would never dare to go.

   The HARP team's courage and steadfastness in the face of danger were unparalleled, as they risked their lives to bring hope and freedom to those caught in the crossfire on the front lines of Ukraine. Their efforts went beyond mere extraction, as they provided critical medical support, and delivered life-saving first aid and trauma kits to those working in the most perilous and inaccessible areas.

The enormity of their task did not deter them, as they continued to tirelessly work towards saving as many lives as possible. Their dedication and selflessness serve as an inspiration to us all, reminding us that even in the darkest of times, humanity can rise above adversity and shine with resilience.

   The HARP team's commitment to serving humanity and their unwavering spirit of bravery are truly remarkable and awe-inspiring. They have not only saved countless lives but have also shown us that in times of crisis, we must come together and stand for what is right, no matter the cost.

Operation Winter Shadow, spanning an impressive 120 consecutive days, was a testament to the HARP team's remarkable skills and dedication as seen in the accompanying video. The team, in that time successfully extracted approximately 168 individuals, including men, women, and children, from enemy-occupied areas. In addition to their heroic extractions, the HARP team also delivered more than 7,000 IFAX's (individual first aid kits) to front-line workers, showcasing their unwavering commitment to providing vital support and care to those on the front lines.

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   Thanks to their exceptional bravery and tireless efforts, the HARP team was widely recognized for their heroic contributions during the Ukrainian conflict. The Armed Forces of Ukraine, Child Protective Services of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Government, and the entire Ukrainian Police Force all honored HARP for their remarkable job rescuing countless civilians from enemy-occupied areas.

   This extraordinary recognition is a testament to the HARP team's unwavering commitment to their mission, their exceptional professionalism, and their unparalleled ability to overcome obstacles and achieve extraordinary results.

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