On Sunday March 20th we received a message from one of our sources that there was a disabled
WWII veteran (95 yo) , his wife (93 yo) and their daughter (70 yo) trapped in Kharkiv. With the
information that was provided from our source, we contacted the daughter to gauge the situation.
It was then that we learned that they had just lost water at home, but her parents were still
extremely hesitant to leave.

We made it clear that the need to evacuate was dire. At that moment their city was occupied from
the north, the east, and the west. It would only be a matter of time until the only path out through
the south would no longer be a viable option. We made it clear that the window to escape was
closing. As a family, they made the difficult decision to leave their home and memories behind.
It was our job to quickly formulate the safest way to get the family out of harm's way. There were
many things to consider and hurdles to overcome. With strategic planning, the HARP team was
able to identify the safest routes and accommodations for our family of three. We arranged a
smooth transition at the border crossing where they were able to reconnect with family members
The most rewarding part was getting the chance to meet the whole family at the Embassy of
Ukraine where they were able to get more information about updating their documentation. It was a
special moment to embrace the people who we had tirelessly worked to save.


This would not have been possible without the full support of our HARP team, our partners at
Action Ukraine Alliance, and a skilled team of translators standing by ready to help. Thank you to
everyone who helped make this a success.