Burke Bryant

Former war photographer Burke Bryant witnessed conflict, destruction, and innocent suffering firsthand, yielding a greater desire to help others. He founded Humanitarian Aid and Rescue Project, HARP in 2010.

Initially HARP worked solely to combat a lack of relief efforts in areas experiencing war, ethnic cleansing, famine and disease. The team provided aid through medical support, water, and food supplies while funding remained limited. Inundated by the support of others, HARP quickly acquired a global following of dedicated individuals set on providing relief to all. In 2013 HARP took on natural disaster response.

Working as first responders, the team was called to Moore, Oklahoma. The city had been devastated by an EF5 tornado and Bryant and team members found themselves directly in the center of the next two storms to hit Oklahoma that week. HARP responded to as many as possible and saved a great deal of lives – those that got caught in the flash floods, were swept away in their vehicles, and trapped in their homes.

“Our success rate was 100% with zero casualties. From that point forward, emergency response became one of our main priorities.”  –Burke Bryant

HARP has since provided aid, medical support, search and recovery (humans & animals), asset extractions, and private security in South Sudan, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Chad, Haiti, Puerto Rico, and home in the USA. As first responders, we have been on the frontline of natural disasters including Oklahoma’s EF5 tornados, Hurricane Matthew, Tropical Storm Harvey, Hurricane Irma and the California Wildfires.

HARP is a global emergency response team tasked with two primary missions: rapid deployment of critical aid to remote areas experiencing war, famine, ethnic cleansing and natural disaster, and ongoing dedication to those areas affected until all are upright and standing again.